Great Strides by Sir Wallingford

It's a little slow going but Wally is making Great Strides in his recovery. Today he went on a short walk, by our standards, but did very well and is looking stronger every day. Take a look at how well he's doing.

And after every good walk comes nap time and Wally didn't waste anytime doing that with a little assistance

Sweet Dreams.

Baby Steps

Lisa reports on Wally's progress:

So it has been over 2 weeks since Wally had his first heartworm treatment. To my relief he is back to eating, peeing and pooping all by himself!! To my amazement he also climbed up a flight of 6 steps when I was trying to rinse him off.

He is the energizer Setter and his good days are much better than his bad. He still can’t hold himself up long enough to eat standing (he flops down and then I have to push the food bowl back to him) but over all his appetite is good. He needs a lot of chiropractic care to help with his weak back and leg muscles- but I have no doubt he will get stronger in the next few months.

Once he has his 2nd treatment in 3 weeks, I will be actively looking for a new foster home for him. A retired person that can help do some muscle building therapy would be ideal."
If you would be interested in fostering little Wally, please contact Illinois Birddog Rescue and complete our foster application.

At Dr. Kinard's Office

Wally is safe---but boy, what a state he is in. He can barely stand, has hip issues and is diagnosed Heartworm positive.
This boy will need a lot of tender, loving care for a long time!!

Rally to Rescue of Sir Wallingford!

Poor Wally, who is about 10 years old, was dumped by his owner at a Tennessee shelter. He was in a sad state and had so obviously not been cared for properly.
Time was ticking---his euthanization date was announced. With the help of local volunteers and a compassionate vet (Dr. Kinard), IBR was able to step in and save Wally.