Update on Wally

Wally Wally Wally...well the heartworm treatments are done. That was so hard on Sir Wallingford. We did one treatment and a double 6 weeks later. He was so weak and it has been a struggle to keep him going. His spinning behavior has returned and we are hopeful that over time the brain damage will subside. Just getting him to do straight lines is an accomplishment- but there are glimmers of Old Wally in that little brain. The good thing is although he was anemic for quite a while- he is eating like a champ (as long as I put the food bowl in front of him) and he still wants to keep going.

Recent blood work was pretty good but the Erlichia test showed he was still positive so we'll get him back on Doxycycline and hope that once his Immune System doesn't have to fight so hard against the dying worms, that it can go after the tick borne illness. He is on Immune System, Iron, Vitamin and Hip and Joint supplements.

I was given some therapy exercises to help his left brain and hopefully these will help over time. It is so sad to think the neglect that sweet Wally suffered and what he must feel like being like an Alzheimer's patient.

All I can do is hope the he pulls through and that we can give him a few more happy years. I LOVE YOU WALLY!!! Lisa - IBR President