The latest on Wally

I took Wally in to one of my local favorite vets for a chat for a second opinion. He’s been stuck in auto-pilot making crop circles in the yard and getting weaker and weaker. It is about 2 months post HW treatment- and he has been struggling. Dr. Smith looked him over and suggested that we try a course of Prednisone and Baytril in case his spinning is related to an inner ear/ infection/swelling. It could be the Erlichia could still be causing problems or the heartworm treatment caused his original spinning to worsen.

Well I didn’t expect any dramatic changes- but I am pleasantly surprised to see some positive improvements in less than 2 days. Wally seems to be sleeping better and even noticeably dreaming and to my relief he is more alert to me calling his name. He spinning is less tight and he is looking up more alertly when he sees me or the other dogs and he was even following me around the yard a little yesterday and a bit this AM. Keep thinking happy thoughts for Wally.