The Passing of a Little Trooper

Sir Wallingford
Date of Birth: unknown
Date of Rebirth: August 26th in the year of our Lord 2008

Sir Wallingford (aka Wally) was a noble gent who knew no other word than fight to the end. And along the way he would come to stay with someone with a heart filled with Love and Compassion.

Little did anyone know when Sir Wallingford crossed their path, that he would have such an emotional bond with them. A bond of that no other. He didn't play, nor did he bark, but in his eyes you could read his desires. For all he wanted, in what time he may have had left, is someone to Love him for who he had become. Sir Wallingford was a gentle sole with an aurora about him that one couldn't help to fall in love with.

With his quirky little ways of spinning in circles or chomping down on the spoon that fed him and not letting go, you couldn't help but to keep on trying to let this Little Trooper continue in his quest to find a better place in his mind.

Sir Wallingford was a trooper to the end. The passing of souls to lend the space for another in need was in his eyes. He knew his time was over. God sent him here for a reason and he accomplished that task. He reminded those around him, that every dog, cat, or any animal, needs someone to love them and to take care of them, no matter what their health may be or how much time they may have left. He taught those around him to explore all options, within their means, and to learn new ways to help those in need. He accomplished all of this in the short few months of being in the loving hands of a very special person. He knew he had done what he was sent to do and now it was time to let him go.

So with all my love and those that loved him too, we say farewell to Wally and will cherish the time we had with him.

He was a pro when it came to making circles.

No more exercises to counter the spinning.

The spinning has stopped.
The pain is gone. You are free to romp in the tall grasses and let the wind blow in your face. God's special little trooper has gone home.

In Wally's memory and a tribute to his strength, a Lilac tree named Prince Charming, and rightly so, was planted that will breathe a new beginning each spring and remind us just how pure life can be and the beauty of what has been given to us to cherish each and every day.

Until we meet again.

We love you Wally.