My Soul Is Still Alive

I will always be here to brighten your day.

Wally (aka Sir Wallingford) may have passed away last year, but his soul continues to brighten our days through the lilac bush that was planted in his honor. His memory will never fade. He will never be forgotten.

For when we sleep there is no pain. Only butterflies fluttering overhead. The birds singing their lullabies for us to hear. Eternal rest with God's creatures to comfort us.

His struggles in the last months of his life, has brought awareness of just how much still needs to be done to help others fight the horrible tick borne diseases that we face today. While there may never be prevention for all dogs, research and persistence of care can make a difference. Wally, through his fighting spirit, taught this rescue to never give up, even when the inevitable was not far away.

Wally brought so much love to this rescue, as many before him did and those that continue to arrive, but Wally was and continues to be "the special" one in the hearts of those he touched, today and always.

We miss you little guy.